Call for applications / Malayalam Editor and Language Consultant at Oxford University Press

30 Nov 2019
The Oxford University Press is inviting applications for the posts of Editor and Language Consultant with a specialisation in Malayalam as part of its Oxford Global Languages initiative.
About the Programme: Oxford University Press has started a new initiative titled Oxford Global Languages in 2014 with the aim to provide quality language data online for 100 of the world’s languages. Indian Languages Acceleration Programme, in particular, focuses on Indian languages. It creates digital bilingual dictionaries across languages, thereby according them with a presence in the digital landscape. We have already started projects in Tamil and Hindi; Telugu and Malayalam projects are in the pipeline.
Eligibility: For the role of Editor, we are looking for individual with a good knowledge of both English and Malayalam and perhaps some prior experience in translations. For the role of Language Consultant, we would ideally need someone who has a background in Linguistics along with good language skills.
Application Period: Hiring will begin towards the end of January 2020 for the Malayalam project, which will begin around April-May 2020.
Interested candidates can write to Tanvi Mehrotra, Content Manager, OUP, at <>, or Joana Rubery, Associate Editor, OUP, at <>.
Reposted from Kerala Scholars eGroup

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