Working Paper / Comparing Asset Accumulation Among International and Internal Kerala Migrants

Seshan, Ganesh. ‘Migration and Asset Accumulation in South India: Comparing Gains to Internal and International Migration from Kerala’. Policy Research Working Paper 9237. Washington, D.C.: World Bank, 2020.

Abstract (edited): This study examines the asset gains to households in Kerala from two types of labour migration: moving overseas versus moving within India for employment. It draws on panel data from waves of a representative household survey conducted in 1998 and 2003. Migrant households as a whole experienced higher asset gains than non-migrant families over this five-year period.

Contrary to theoretical expectations, asset gains were similar for households with an overseas migrant and those with a domestic migrant. Although less educated individuals tend to venture overseas, a wage premium over non-migrants enables them to earn as much in low-skill jobs abroad as more educated workers relocating within India.

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