Journal article / Gender and Human Development in Kerala

Shraddha Jain. “Human Development, Gender and Capability Approach”.
Indian Journal of Human Development 14(2), 2020.

Abstract : This article critically reviews Human Development Report (HDR) 2019 that calls for addressing inequalities that are beyond income, beyond averages and beyond today. Inequalities result from differential exposure to opportunities and constraints during a life cycle.

One way in which power relations are exhibited is through gender norms. The article discusses the advancements made in the capability approach using the gender lens and the policy framework intended to address gender inequality. It stresses the need to acknowledge and understand varied forms of data collection that enhance our understanding of underlying social processes.

Finally, it discusses the case of Kerala state to understand the complex nature of human development. The state made strides in education and health, but rising inequalities, gender violence and ecological changes remain major concerns.

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