Book / St. Thomas and the Syrian Christians in India

Mathew, K. S., Joseph Chacko Chennattuserry, and Antony Bungalowparambil, eds. St. Thomas and India: Recent Research. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2020.

ISBN 9781506461366 / Paperback / 200 pages / USD 34

About the book (publisher’s description; edited): In St. Thomas and India, scholars trace the historical, religious, and cultural connections that link India’s Syrian Christian community with St. Thomas the Apostle.

They use modern historiographical methods and seek to corroborate the ancient tradition that tells of St. Thomas’s missionary journey to India in the middle of the first century, in which he established seven churches in some of the major commercial centres of Malabar. From these first churches, Christianity spread throughout the region.

St. Thomas and India also examines the legacy of ancient Christianity in the Syrian community in India today, as well as exploring the various cultural and religious connections between the Syrian church in Indian and other ancient churches in the east.

Table of Contents

About the Editors / Preface

  1. Introduction (by K. S. Mathew)
  2. Historiography of the Apostolate of St. Thomas in India: A Critical Review (by Francis Thonippara)
  3. Mission of St. Thomas the Apostle in India: Archaeological, Epigraphic, and Numismatic Evidences (by James Kurikilamkatt)
  4. Significance and Role of Tradition in the Historiography on St. Thomas Christians (by Benedict Vadakkekara)
  5. St. Thomas Traditions in Ancient Christian Folk Songs (by Byju Mathew Mukalel)
  6. Thomistic Apostolate and Knanaya Community (by Mathew Kochadampallil)
  7. Acts of Thomas Versus Ramban Pattu (by Thomas Koonammakkal)
  8. The Tradition of Seven Churches (by James Puliurumpil)
  9. Patristic Evidence on the Apostolate of St. Thomas with Special Reference to St. Ephrem (by Johns Abraham Konat)
  10. Guidelines for Rebuilding Missions of Apostle Thomas and a Reassessment of Acts of Thomas (by Pierre C. Perrier)
  11. Historical, Apocryphal, and Theological Sources from the Armenian Church About Apostle Thomas and India (by Maxime K. Yevadian)


KSeG Editor’s note: As chapter summaries are unavailable, it is difficult to highlight the chapters that are substantively on Kerala. Some chapters, if not all, appear to be on Christianity in Kerala.

More info: (JSTOR); publisher website

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