Book reviews / Depression in Kerala

Bode, Maarten. “A Review of depression in Kerala by Claudia Lang”. eJournal of Indian Medicine 11, no. 1 (October 2019): 1–17. (OA; full text)
ExcerptsDepression in Kerala is an excellent study about the glocalization (vernacularization) of depression in Kerala… The study is based on 17 months of anthropological fieldwork in the period 2009–2014. … Depression in Kerala discusses two related topics: The indigenisation of the biomedical notion ‘depression’ in 21st-century Kerala and the making of Ayurvedic psychiatry as an alternative for biomedical psychiatry…. [The book] once more makes it clear that attributing mental distress to faulted brain chemistry unduly ignores its economic and social-cultural determinants.

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