Journal article (OA) / COVID-19 and Attitudes among Reverse Migrants in Kerala

Menon, Devaki Vadakepat, and Vanaja Menon Vadakepat. ‘Migration and Reverse Migration: Gulf-Malayalees’ Perceptions during the Covid-19 Pandemic’. South Asian Diaspora. Published ahead of print, 23 September 2020. (Open access).

Abstract (edited): The United Arab Emirates has witnessed an exodus of long-term non-resident Indians, especially Malayalees, due to unforeseen impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The Emirates’ consequent economic setbacks, including a fear of the virus and falling job and financial security, threatened the survival of Indians—the largest expatriate demographic in the world and the Emirates.

While apprehensive about their homeland’s ability to accommodate a mass reverse migrant population, the reverse migrants still retained attributes and values they associated with migration to the Emirates. Since the UAE hosts the largest number of Keralites in the world, the sample for this study comprises the first batch of Gulf-Malayalees who had registered to return to Kerala.

Through a means-end approach, this study reviews respondents’ attributes, consequences, and values at the time of migration and compares it with their perceptions during the sudden COVID-19-related reverse migration from the United Arab Emirates.

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