Journal article / An Econometric Study of Remittances and Economic Growth in Kerala

Aneja, Ranjan, and Anandu Praveen. ‘International Migration Remittances and Economic Growth in Kerala: An Econometric Analysis’. Journal of Public Affairs. Published ahead of print, 7 September 2020.

Abstract (edited): This study examines the trend and pattern of international migration and the resulting inflow of remittances to Kerala for the period 1998–2018 and also analyses the impact of international migration remittances on the economic growth of Kerala.

It uses time series data set on Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) of Kerala at constant prices as a proxy for economic growth and remittances in the form of NRI (Non-Resident Indian) deposits. The methodology adopted in this study uses Augmented Dickey Fuller Test (ADF) for stationarity, and the Johansen Cointegration test followed by the vector error correction model (VECM).

The result of the study reveals that there exists a unidirectional long‐run relationship between remittances and economic growth of Kerala. Also, the study confirms that remittance has a positive impact on the NSDP of Kerala in the long run.

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