Resource / Report on Indebtedness among Kerala’s Rural Poor

Asok, Awathi Rebecca, Rakkee Thimothy, Swathy Mohanan, Bibin Thambi, and M. Ramshad. ‘Indebtedness among the Rural Poor in Kerala’. Kochi, India: Centre for Socio-economic and Environmental Studies, 2020.

Abstract : The focus of the Report is the magnitude and nature of indebtedness experienced by rural poor households in Kerala, and the role played by various sources in meeting the credit requirements of this group.

Specific themes addressed in the study include: the framework that regulates the operation of financial institutions; borrowing pattern, credit choices and coping strategies of rural poor households and the magnitude of household indebtedness; operational modalities adopted by major credit providers catering to rural poor; and recommendations to address over-indebtedness among rural poor.

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