Event / Webinar on Matriliny

Webinar Title: Matrilineal Ocean : Multiple Histories of Marumakkattayam in the Indian Ocean Littoral

Speaker: Dr. Mahmood Kooria, Leiden University, the Netherlands & Ashoka University, India
Chair: Professor P. K. Michael Tharakan
Date and time: 10 December 2020, Thursday, 3pm IST
Event link (Google Meet): https://meet.google.com/swv-grqu-jjs
About the Webinar: The origin of the matrilineal system has been a matter of long debate in academia, with social anthropologists, philosophers, archaeologists, feminists, and linguists making claims on its origin in prehistoric communities. Going beyond an obsession with search for origins, historians have rarely studied the premodern histories of the existing matrilineal communities.
In this talk, I engage with the matrilineal communities of the Indian Ocean littoral with a focus on the context of southwest India. I argue that the matrilineal system (identified as marumakkattayam in the region) was one of the most convenient ways for Indian Ocean exchanges. On the basis of some fragmentary but significant evidence on matrilineal praxis between 800 and 1800 CE among Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities, I explore the nuances of conversion and incommensurability across religions. I investigate how the praxis benefited the oceanic mercantile system of southwest India as well as the dispersal of Abrahamic religions which are often interpreted as significant domains of patriarchy and patriliny.

About the Speaker: Mahmood Kooria is a Researcher at the Leiden University, the Netherlands, and Assistant Professor of History at Ashoka University, India. Earlier, he was a research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), the African Studies Centre (ASC), Leiden and the Dutch Institute in Morocco (NIMAR), Rabat, and Social Science Research Council (SSRC), New York. He has a PhD from the Leiden University Institute for History on the circulation of Islamic legal ideas and texts across the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean worlds. With Michael N. Pearson, he has edited Malabar in the Indian Ocean World: Cosmopolitanism in a Maritime Historical Region (Oxford University Press, 2018).

More info: http://kchr.ac.in/pages/151/Webinars-2020.html


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