Journal article / Pre-trip usage of Social Media by Tourists in Kerala

Joseph, Ansted Iype, Sangeeta Peter, and Victor Anandkumar. 2020. ‘Development of a Typology of Tourists Based on Pre-Trip Use of Social Media’. International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration. Published ahead of print, 28 December 2020.

Abstract: Four hundred domestic and international tourists visiting Kerala were typologised using cluster and discriminant analysis into three clusters – ‘Enthusiastic Travellers,’ ‘Information Seekers’, and ‘Planners’ based on their pre-trip usage of social media. Association between the clusters and external variables were used to characterise the typologies.

Findings indicate that domestic tourists and international tourists differ in their usage of social media. Domestic tourists use social media for gathering information, and international tourists use social media for trip planning and online travel booking in addition to gathering information.

Findings also indicate that gender does not influence the usage of social media in the pre-trip phase.

This study expands the understanding of typologies in tourism and suggests directions to destination marketing organisations and tourism service providers.

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