Journal article / Recent Debates among Mappila Muslims on ‘True Islam’

Thadathil, Hashim. ‘Constructing Authenticity in Discourse(s): Debates among the Mappila Muslims of Malabar, South India’. Asian Journal of Social Science 48, nos. 5–6 (December 2020): 449–67.
Abstract: Claiming and representing ‘True’ Islam has been a major preoccupation among Muslim groups in Kerala in recent times. In a way, this has augmented the Muslim public sphere in which active debates happen, and also breaks with the general understanding of Islam as monolithic in its ideology and practice.
This paper attempts to bring precisely this dynamics of Muslim public sphere in Malabar, where prominent groups like the Sunni, Jamaat-e-Islami, and Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen debate constantly over the representation and following of what is called ‘True Islam’. The claim towards a true Islam is done by each of the groups by claiming authenticity over what they preach and practice.
This paper highlights these debates in the context of the academic debates over ‘True’ and ‘Authenticated’ Islam.



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