Book review / Monsoon Malabar: Religion, Language, Memory and Materiality

Arafath, P. K. Yasser. Monsoon Malabar: Religion, Language, Memory and Materiality. Review of Monsoon Islam: Trade and Faith on the Medieval Malabar Coast, by Sebastian R. Prange and Malabar in the Indian Ocean: Cosmopolitanism in a Maritime Historical Region, edited by Mahmood Kooria and Michael Naylor Pearson. Economic and Political Weekly 56, no. 4 (23 January 2021): 31–37.
Excerpt: The last two decades have seen a huge leap in the studies on the pre-colonial Indian Ocean region in general and that of Malabar in particular. The younger generation scholars, emerging from various disciplinary realms, influenced by the critical humanities discourses, have taken up a vast range of new themes to locate Malabar and its various religious and caste communities.
As the southern and south-eastern Asian parts of the Indian Ocean littoral have gained remarkable attention from both vernacular and anglophone scholars, new research areas have moved beyond the earlier trends that mainly focused on political history, trade routes, and commodity circulations in the Indian Ocean region

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