Journal article / Decolonising Knowledge of Dalits’ Christian Conversion

Paul, Vinil Baby. ‘Dalit Conversion Memories in Colonial Kerala and Decolonisation of Knowledge’. South Asia Research. Published ahead of print, 1 April 2021.

Abstract: This article seeks to decolonise knowledge of the conventional history of Dalits’ Christian conversion and its implications in colonial Kerala.

As the missionary archive is the only source of Dalit Christian history writing in Kerala, in this historiography social historians have been unable to include the memories of Protestant missionary work at the local level by the local people themselves. Their experiences and rich accounts are marked by dramatic actions to gain socio-economic freedom and to establish a safe environment with scope for future development.

This article identifies how Dalit Christians themselves, in a specific locality, remember their conversion history, suggesting thereby the scope for a valuable addition to the archive.

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