Journal article / Welfare Schemes in Kerala for Transgender Individuals

Kurian, Megha, and Greeshma Manoj. ‘Transgenders in the Mainstream: Welfare Schemes in Kerala—Kochi Metro Rail Project, Education Programme, Health Clinics, and Old-Age Pension’. Indian Journal of Gender Studies. Published ahead of print, 15 March 2021.

Abstract (edited): Marginalisation is the process which inhibits an individual or community from enjoying the rights, privileges, resources, or opportunities enjoyed by other members of the society. Of all its marginalised sections, society most often tends to ignore the conditions of transgender persons. The 2011 census reported 480,000 of India’s population as transgender.

Kerala pioneered a model for a trans-friendly state with the launch of a 10-day-long state-wide survey, which was followed by a state policy for transgender individuals, a justice board, India’s first transgender school, scholarships for transgender individuals, health clinics, old-age pensions, and employment for them in the Kochi Metro as well as various literary, sports, and fashion events.

This study is an attempt to critically explore the welfare schemes for transgender persons in Kerala amidst recent developments.

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