Journal article / Community Engagement to Control Vector-Borne Diseases in Alappuzha

Gopalan, Retheesh Babu, Bontha Veerraju Babu, Attayoor Purushothaman Sugunan, Anju Murali, Mohammed Shafi M. A., Rathinam Balasubramanian, and Sairu Philip. ‘Community Engagement to Control Dengue and Other Vector-Borne Diseases in Alappuzha Municipality, Kerala, India’. Pathogens and Global Health. Published ahead of print, 18 March 2021.

Abstract (edited): Vector-borne diseases (VBDs) are a serious threat in many Indian states, including Kerala. Community-based decentralised planning and engagement are effective strategies that can make positive behavioural changes to control VBDs.

This community-based implementation research was conducted during November 2016 – October 2018 in Alappuzha municipality in Kerala. It was conducted in two phases.

In the first phase, formative research was conducted to know the community’s profile and perceptions and thus to plan and develop an appropriate intervention. Baseline data on some entomological indicators were also collected. These data were used to assess the impact of the intervention by comparing it with the post-intervention data.

In the second phase, an intervention through the community’s engagement was implemented in selected wards. The activities included the formation of community committees, and vector control and source reduction activities with community engagement and intersectoral coordination.

The intervention resulted in a positive change among the community to engage in vector control activities. These efforts along with intersectoral coordination resulted in successfully implementing vector source reduction activities. In both wards, pre- and post-intervention entomological data revealed considerable vector source reduction.

The findings of this study suggest considering and including community engagement in public health policy as the main thrust to control VBDs.

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