Book chapter / Tourism – Community Participation

George, A. T., Jiang Min, and T. Delacy. ‘A Case Study on Impacts of Community Participation in Tourism Planning and Destination Management in Kerala, India.’ In Tourism Planning and Development in South Asia, edited by D. Stylidis and B. Seetanah, 5–22. Wallingford, UK: CABI, 2021.

Summary: This case study in Kerala explores the positive impacts of community participation on economic, socio-cultural, and environmental factors through responsible tourism initiatives in Kumarakom destination. This research evaluates the effectiveness, fundamental elements, and conceptual foundation of participatory design in the case study destination.

The results of the case study indicate that participatory design can accelerate local community development, innovative initiatives, leadership, employment opportunities, demand for local products, and sustainable development in the destination.

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