Journal article / Psychosocial Intervention Model of Kerala During Covid-19 Pandemic

Ravindran, Rekha M., R. Anjali Krishnan, P. S. Kiran, Bindhu Mohan, and K. S. Shinu. ‘Psychosocial Intervention Model of Kerala, India During Pandemic COVID-19: “Ottakkalla Oppamundu (You’re Not Alone, We’re with You)”’. International Journal of Health Services. Published ahead of print, 26 May 2021.
Abstract: Globally, Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in several psychosocial manifestations across all socioeconomic strata. This study attempted to explore the details of a psychosocial support system implemented in Kerala to address psychosocial issues during this pandemic.

It employed a descriptive approach using qualitative and quantitative methods. The results can be summarised into four overarching themes: (1) process of implementation, (2) issues addressed, (3) experiences, and (4) success stories.

This intervention targeted the whole population, with a specific focus on quarantined/isolated individuals and selected vulnerable groups. The pandemic has sowed several negative emotions, such as anxiety; stigma and fearful thoughts, including suicidal ideations; trepidation regarding family members; and misinfodemics in general. Social and religious corollaries of the pandemic have intensified the psychological agony.

The study provides an overview of the psychosocial intervention adopted by the state during the pandemic, which has helped both the beneficiaries and the providers. It has also helped to promote positive thinking and change the attitude toward the disease among the beneficiaries. It is highly commendable that timely intervention could obviate quite a few psychiatric emergencies, including suicides and aggressive behaviours.

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